Help Seniors Avoid Financial Abuse

Submitted by Kathy Green, A Little Help Inc.

Seniors are one of the primary targets for financial abuse, and many times, the abuse takes place by someone close to the individual – even close family members. Many steps can be taken to prevent financial abuse, and there are many signs that can make us more aware to catch a possible case of financial abuse – following are a few:

  • Unusual bank activity, especially large sums being taken out at ATM’s
  • Suspicious signatures on checks or important documents
  • Missing belongings or property
  • Bank statements that have been transferred to a different address
  • Bills going unpaid, discontinued utilities, or eviction notices
  • Legal documents signed, but not understood, by the senior

Let’s do our part to protect our vulnerable parents, friends, and aging community by always checking into suspicious activity and any signs of financial abuse.