Personal Information Guide

What is the Personal Information Guide?

Personal Information Guide
This 20 page booklet is ideal for writing personal information about a loved one that may prove invaluable in an emergency.

Regardless of your age, when you make decisions in advance of an emergency, you have a choice.

You’ll find this booklet very comprehensive and thorough. It was designed by the Metro Elder Services Association, the experts who specialize in serving seniors and their families. By filling out each category in your own time with your loved ones, you can take the time to make sure it’s accurate and you’ll know that ALL the important information can be found in the one place if an emergency occurs. You’ll feel at ease knowing that all the decisions have been made ahead of time.

Categories Featured:

  • Emergency contacts’ phone numbers, addresses
  • Physicians’ names, phone numbers and addresses
  • Attorney information
  • Loved one’s full details including location of birth certificate details etc
  • Military Record
  • Religious Preference
  • Medication information including allergies
  • Spouse and children details
  • Financial information
  • Insurance Policies information
  • Property details
  • Personal Tax Information
  • Funeral and Memorial Instructions
  • Brief outlines of services offered by MESA members


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