Rose’s Daughters

Rose's Daughters

Helping People Move

We help seniors the way daughters do: by listening and learning what the senior wants and needs, and then by doing whatever it takes to reduce the stress and anxiety related to moving:

  • Planning when and how to move.
  • Scheduling movers.
  • Handling change of address and utilities.
  • Measuring the new home and creating a floor plan for the furniture.
  • Sorting through belongings.
  • Downsizing possessions for a move to a smaller place.
  • Arranging for the sale, donation or shipment of items.
  • Arranging for estate or consignment sale.
  • Packing
  • Supervising the movers
  • Unpacking
  • Organizing the kitchen, bathroom and closets.
  • Arranging china cabinets and shelves to look the way they did before the move.
  • Connecting the TV, stereo, and computers.
  • Hanging pictures, setting the clocks and making the new home feel comfortable.
  • Shopping for things needed in the new home, like a new microwave, curtains or extension cords.
  • Clearing and cleaning the former home.
  • Helping stage the former home for sale.


Edmond McGill, Owner
Rose’s Daughters

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“On Moving day, we make things happen like magic.”