Finding a Way to Keep Your Older Loved One at Home

Jodi Melsness, Home Care Solutions

A fall that breaks a hip or an ankle, forgetting to take medication on time, needing assistance with bathing and grooming might mean your elderly family member shouldn’t be living alone anymore. You do know that she is far too healthy for a nursing home and has always wanted to stay in her home.

Senior advocacy groups call it “aging in place”—staying in comfortable and familiar surroundings even if aging diminishes your ability to perform the tasks of daily routines that once came so easily.

There is a growing demand for quality health care services that are available to the public in their own home. Here are a few reasons why home care is becoming so important in the health care system.

1. Home care is personalized care: Home care is tailored to the needs of each individual. It is delivered on a one-to-one basis.

2. Home care serves to keep the elderly independent: No one wants to be totally dependent on others. With some assistance, seniors can continue to function as viable members of society.

3. It is delivered at home: Many of us have positive feelings that are associated with being at home. Our home is our castle and a place of refuge. When we are not feeling well, most of us ask to go home. When we are feeling well, we enjoy the sanctity of our residences and the joy of being with our loved ones.

Petersen Home Care is a small private, licensed class “A” home health care company. We provide primarily two types of support service: Home Health Aide (HHA) and Companion care. HHA’s are supervised by an R.N. and can provide the following services in addition to companion services: medication administration, assistance with transferring /ambulation, bathing, toileting, exercises, and various other duties assigned and monitored by an R.N. We also provide some skilled R.N. services as well as medication set-ups. A four hour minimum is required for all hourly services. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis. Services are provided on a 7-day per week, 24-hour basis.